Purpose :

As I am writting more Shell code every day. I often need to use color to show to my users the huge mistake they're trying to put with my Shell script[1]
As my wife calls me Red Fish[2], I rarely figure what is the reference for Shell colors. That's why I made this little Script.

Changelog :

v0.01 [30/03/2010] Flyounet  [@Home] :
      > Initiale Release
      > Prerequisites : F01 common.lib (at least v0.24)
v0.02 [21/04/2010] Flyounet  [@Home] :
      > Now Under DSSL & GPLv3
      > set ts=4 ; set noai
      + Add information how to quit
      * When run with Ksh, it show errors about declare... Erased them &
        use typeset instead.
v0.03 [27/04/2010] Flyounet  [@Home] :
      + Added the work 'effect' in the rainbowTable function
      > Now use the F01common.lib v0.27


[1] It remembers me a newbie that wants to put his saves in /dev/null, because he read on Internet, this folder compress incredibly everything. Don't laught ! I'm pretty sure everyone already met one of this people...

[2] I now know it's for my memory.