You know how it works, your wife left you with childrens to see her mother... And you're alone for the entire week end. So you read April Fool's RFC, and you decide to implement one for fun.

What is it about ?

First of all, the RFC, i choose, was the 1924. To make it simple, it's only a sort of How to compress IPv6 to store them more efficiently.

 $ ./ -I ab:CD:ef:01:23:45:67:89
 The IPv6 you enter is         : [ab:CD:ef:01:23:45:67:89]
 IPv6 expanded is              : [00ab:00cd:00ef:0001:0023:0045:0067:0089]
 IPv6 shrinked (RFC5952) is    : [ab:cd:ef:1:23:45:67:89]
 IPv6 decimal format is        : 887899004871704238012413915815149705
 IPv6 compressed (RFC1924) is  : Gk+pw{*-scXTvbLbnhP

More info ? on Trac.


v0.04 (SHA1SUM : 63f5f5abd9b9d8fdb5556b284a254bca3ed64920)


  • Bash 4 minimum
  • your happyness


[1] A little bug forced me to release v0.04...