HowTo install this script:

Backup your directory, uncompress the archive and update the config file.
If you need to update the database, check the file doc/database_structure.txt.

Files are :

  • taskfreak-0.6.3b-Fly.tar.bz2 : Archive in the bzip2 format,
  • taskfreak-0.6.3b-Fly.tar.gz : Archive in the gzip format,
  • : Archive in the zip format,

MD5 files :

fa926f21be85939d8c39285d3f9a9e3c  taskfreak-0.6.3b-Fly.tar.bz2
81114e0590ad6ca87ff91f7a574f412b  taskfreak-0.6.3b-Fly.tar.gz

Sha1 files :

ff195a6bff6276f08fefed1292b04ef7d1aab1e3  taskfreak-0.6.3b-Fly.tar.bz2
65f86eef728ee2abb067a1e5ab6b9b8766013f19  taskfreak-0.6.3b-Fly.tar.gz